Do I need to buy tickets for all days or can I attend just the party Friday night or Saturday night?
Yes. The Party Friday night, and Show & Party Saturday night may be purchased individualy. See tickets page. (Get your ticket in advance, if you can, price may differ at door).

If I get the FULL EVENT TICKET, how many workshops can I take?
A total of 6-8 workshop classes. There are 2 blocks of workshops per day. Each with 3 -4 classes each. You may only take one block of workshops per day, giving you 3-4 workshops per day if you purchase the FULL EVENT TICKET. To take more, you may purchase individual classes from the other block, or buy the additional block. See tickets page.

Can I take only a single workshop class? How much does that cost?
Yes. See tickets page.

Where is everything taking place at?
The whole event is taking place at our dance studio. 1060 University Ave, intersection with Culver Rd, between Blockbuster Video and Towner's Bicycle store. Entrance facing Towner's bicycle store.

What should I wear to the PRE-PARTY FRIDAY NIGHT?
Friday nights Pre-Party is casual but cute.

What should I wear to the party SATURDAY NIGHT?
The Show & Party is semi-formal. No jeans, sneakers, hats, ....

For Example:
Gentleman: Dress shirts, dress pants, dress shoes, jacket (optional)
Ladies: Dresses, dress pants, dress shirts

What kind of music will be played at the Saturday Event?

Mostly Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata.

Do I need a partner to come to this event?
No. You don't need a partner to come to any part of this event. There will be lots of partners to dance with.

Is this event open to the public, and can I bring a guest?
Yes. Feel free to bring your friends. Gate charges will apply.

Are there going to be workshop classes for beginners?


Friday night we will be offering a novice/beginners lesson before the party. The workshops Saturday and Sunday are not suitable for novices (people without prior learning).

Beginner level workshops (Level A block) available Saturday. Sunday workshops will cater to all levels. Please see description of expected knowledge for each level on the Workshops page.

Where will the classes be held?
They will be held at our Dance Studio. Visit the Workshops page for more information on classes.

How can I get my tickets?

Please see tickets page.

Can I get my ticket at the door?
Yes. You will be able to get tickets at the door on First-Come-First-Served bases. However, we suggest getting your tickets in advance to take advantage of our early buyer discounted rates.

Our workshops will most likely sell out quickly since there is limited space available. We suggest you get your tickets and register for classes ASAP.

For more information on ticket rates please visit our Tickets  page.
Will there be seating at Saturday night’s event?
Yes, there will be a couple hundred seats available on First-Come-First-Served bases. Some seats will be reserved, please respect the reserved seating allocations.